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Sports policy and aim

Student sport 

Kogarah High School has four 'houses'.

Each student is placed in a sporting house based on the first letter of their last name. These four houses are named after four notable attendees of Kogarah High School.

The four houses are:

  • Crampton (A-E): GREEN Bruce Crampton was a professional golfer who attended Kogarah H.S. from 1948-1950. Among numerous other achievements, he placed 2nd in the US Open in 1972. 
  • Chapman (F-K): BLUE Gary Chapman was a freestyle swimmer who won bronze at the 1956 Olympics and won gold at the 1954 and 1958 Commonwealth games. 
  • Rosewall (L-R): RED Ken Rosewall AM, MBE was formerly the no. 1 ranked tennis player in the world (1960). He won 23 major titles including four Australian Open titles.
  • O'Neill (S-Z): YELLOW Norm O'Neill played cricket for Australia. He was a right-handed batsman who averaged 45.55 in his 42 test matches for Australia.

As students participate in Carnivals and Grade Sport (see below), they can gain points for their sporting house. In recent years, we have had tremendous success across all sports with students representing up to state level.

At Kogarah High School we love to celebrate student achievement. We recognise victorious Grade or Knockout teams, students achieving their personal best or students displaying excellent sportsmanship. Regular assembly presentations take place throughout the year.

The aims of school sport

  • Encourage participation by all students in sporting activities commensurate with their physical, mental, social, and emotional and skill development. Provide opportunity for playing a wide variety of sports within competitive and recreational sports.
  • Develop the capacity to make reasoned decisions about ethical issues in sport that will lead to good player and spectator behaviour.
  • Develop skill and fitness to particular sports so that all students can experience success through enjoyable participation.
  • Develop and apply knowledge and understanding of:
    • Sport as a significant cultural force in our society
    • The capabilities and limitation of the human body
    • Games, tactics, strategies, rules and umpiring
    • Contribute, through participation, to the social, cognitive, physical, emotional and aesthetic aspects of the student's development.

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Head Teacher PDHPE: Mr. D. Hughes