Kogarah High School


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Our history

School building history

In 1876 a new public school was built as well as a teachers' residence on a site behind the present high school in Regent Street to accommodate the expansion of the railway line to Kogarah and beyond. The railway line was a great influence on Kogarah High School as it enabled easy travel for students from neighbouring suburbs and enrolments subsequently increased. 


1891 saw the construction of the older half of the present senior school. Here is an architect's description of the building contained in Department of Education records. 'The building is of Jacobean type, built of buff bricks, with dark brick and stone dressings and roofed with red Marseilles tiles.'

During this era, the school functioned as an infant and primary school, but by 1892, it has been redesigned as a "Superior School", meaning that some of its students were doing secondary work. The school continued to expand in the first decade of the 20th Century, reaching an enrolment of 1,500 in 1909. Around this time, the school functioned as three separate departments. There was an infants and primary section, a Girls High School section from 1913 and a Boys Intermediate High School section formed in 1920. Part of the girls' section broke away to form St George Girls High School in 1916, but girls continued to be taught, by a section that became known as the Kogarah Central Domestic Science School.

The infants' section moved away to the site of the present Kogarah Public School in 1954 and the primary section soon joined them. In 1959 the Home Science School became a full High School and the Boys' school received this status in 1959. This meant that they both were teaching students up to the level of the Leaving Certificate. In 1963, both schools combine to form Kogarah High School as the co-educational school as it is today.