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History (Years 7, 9, 10)

In Year 7 (Stage 4) the students are asked to answer the question 'What is History?' and are guided through the basic terms and concepts of historical enquiry. Studies of ancient and medieval society show us how people lived in other times. The effects of colonization on Australian and American indigenous people encourage empathy and understanding of other cultures while building skills necessary for History work in Years 9 and 10. In Years 9 and 10 (Stage 5) students learn about Australia's history in relation to the world. Topics include the birth of the Anzac legend in W.W.1, the 'Great Depression', Australia's role in W.W.2, the ideology of the 'Cold War' and bring student's understanding and knowledge of Australian history right up to the present day. Students will learn a variety of learning and presentation skills. They also become confident in the process of finding, understanding and analysing various forms of information.

Modern history

This course is for students who want to know how and why historical events have shaped the 21st century in which we live. Exploration of the recent past gives them the answers to life in present times. The preliminary course in Year 11 features case studies that are both compelling and highly interesting! These can include topics such as the political and military adventure of Napoleon, the effects of the American Civil War on slavery and the controversy surrounding the assassination of US president 'JFK'. In Year 12 the HSC course can take students to the mud and blood of trench warfare in W.W.1, through the brutal regime of Adolf Hitler and into the hot deadly jungles of the Vietnam War. Students will gain skills such as analytical and critical thinking, organization of ideas, planning of tasks and much more!

Ancient history

This course will have students amazed at the achievements of ancient civilizations and the personalities that lived, worked and conquered empires. The preliminary course in Year 11 examines the fascinating world of archaeology and forensic science that enables historians to unravel the distant past. Investigations of strangled 'bodies in bogs' to mummification, the mighty pyramids and mysterious tombs of ancient Egypt help students understand the process of historical enquiry. In Year 12 the volcanic eruption of the year 79 that buried Pompeii and instantly killed 5000 people is examined in depth as the core study, also learn the true story of Leonidas, the Spartan 300 and their enemy the Persian 'King of Kings' Xerxes. The ancient History course teaches students about analysis of evidence, planning of tasks and much more!