Kogarah High School


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School uniform

Kogarah High School is a uniform school and we believe that it is important to be well groomed and present a positive image to the community. The school uniform also puts students in the right frame of mind for school and study and it gives them a sense of being part of the school community.

School uniforms are now available through your local Lowes store or online by clicking the link below. Kogarah High School has a uniform shop so please click on the link below to see our price list and order form. Shoes are available from Spendless Shoes by clicking on their link below. 

Girls uniform                                              

  • Grey and maroon plaid skirt   Available from Lowes
  • Tailored grey pants (Kogarah High)
  • Tailored grey shorts (Kogarah High)
  • White collared shirt (Lowes)
  • Optional - White Polo Shirt Years 7 -10 (Kogarah High)
  • Black Leather Shoes (Spendless Shoes) 

Boys uniform

  • Grey pants or shorts (Lowes)
  • White collared shirt  (Lowes)
  • Optional - White Polo Shirt Years 7-10   (Kogarah High)
  • Black Leather Shoes (Spendless Shoes)


  •  Unisex Sports Shorts (Kogarah High)
  •  Unisex Sports Polo (Lowes)
  •  Black tracksuit pants 
  •  Joggers

Lowes online store - click here to access the online store at Lowes

Spendless Shoes online store - click here to access the online store at Spendless

Kogarah High School - click link here  to access our uniform price list and order form