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Geography (Years 8, 9, 10)

Geography Years 7 - 10 stimulates students' enjoyment of and interest in the interaction of the physical and human environments. Students achieve this as they develop geographic knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes and engage in the community as informed and active citizens. A study of Geography builds on students' prior learning and experience to enable them to explain patterns, evaluate consequences and contribute to the management of physical, social, cultural and built environments.

Gography (Years 11-12)  

Geography stage 6 enables students to study the spatial and ecological dimensions of biophysical and human phenomena in a changing world. Geography is an investigation of the world which provides an accurate description and interpretation of the varied character of the earth and its people. It is a key discipline through which students develop the ability to recognise and understand environmental change and the interactions which take place in our world. Geography has many dimensions, two of which are emphasised in this syllabus: the ecological dimension considers how humans interact with environments the spatial dimension focuses on where things are, why they are there and how people interact differently with environments in different places.